"This is how we will bring down Italy’s North-South 'wall'”

31 May 2021

A portrait of Minister Mara Carfagna, but above all of the divide between the North and the South of Italy, compared to that between East and West Germany the day after their reunification. This is what the prestigious German Süddeutsche Zeitung and the Swiss Tages-Angeiser portray in the interviews published in their respective newspapers and websites.

Carfagna, described in the headlines of the two daily papers as "Southern Star" and "The woman who wants Italy reunified", welcomes the comparison with post-1990 Germany, although – she explains – "our wall is not as visible as the German one." This does not mean, anyway, that “Southern Italy’s inhabitants do not have the same services. Schools, day-care centres, hospitals, infrastructures are there, yet everything is less well equipped than in Northern regions.”

The opportunity for "reunification" now comes with the Recovery Fund: "This is our last train, we shall not miss it," she confirms, and then goes on to describe the government's efforts on planned reforms (public administration, justice, liberalisation), infrastructure investments and the fight against organised crime, which could get its hands on European resources. This is a top priority," Carfagna reassured.

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