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News 7 September 2021

Carfagna-Schmit talks: Towards an agreement on Structural Funds

The EU Commissioner appreciates the work performed by the Italian Government and guarantees cooperation to reach an agreement.

News 20 July 2021

Structural Funds, draft Partnership Agreement sent to Brussels

Minister Carfagna announced: "We intend to close the agreement by mid-September". Investments are expected to amount to EUR 83 billion, higher than in previous cycles.

News 1 July 2021

Carfagna-Ferreira, final clarifications on Structural Funds

Dialogue between Minister Carfagna and Commissioner Ferreira: just a few missing details to then finalise the 2021-2027 EU-Italy Partnership Agreement.

News 31 May 2021

"This is how we will bring down Italy’s North-South 'wall'”

Minister Carfagna to the Süddeutsche Zeitung: "The National Plan for Recovery and Resilience is the last train to reunite Italy, we cannot miss it”.

News 28 May 2021

"Bentornati al Sud": a video to support tourism in Southern Italy

The video ad promoted by Minister Carfagna will be broadcast abroad thanks to the collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

News 18 May 2021

Minister Carfagna to EU colleagues: Let's make Next Generation EU permanent

Carfagna's proposal during an informal video meeting of EU Ministers responsible for Cohesion Policy.

News 17 May 2021

"This government was born to make reforms. Without them, the PNRR does not exist"

"Without reforms we will have no European funding, no new infrastructure, no recovery, no jobs", Carfagna said.

News 13 May 2021

"South is back", agreement signed to internationalise Southern Italy’s enterprises

Ministers Carfagna and Di Maio signed an agreement for international promotion of SEZs and investments in Southern ltaly.

News 8 March 2021

“Social infrastructure is needed to enhance women’s employment”

"Women's employment is by now a major national issue. In Southern Italy the situation is even more serious", said Carfagna on Women's Day.

News 5 March 2021

Interview between Minister Carfagna and Commissioner Ferreira

"Working with the EU is essential to make best use of EU funds, both Structural and Recovery Funds".

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